Key Facts

Product introduction / description:

Watertight bonding for wood objects indoors exposed to moisture. No solvents, watertight joints – Pattex Wood Waterproof is just the ticket for bonds that are meant to last!

Product Features

Product main benefits:

  • Water resistant
  • Solvent free
  • For indoor and outdoor jobs
  • Dries transparent

Application areas:

  • All types of woods

Tips and tricks:

More than just wood:

Did you know you can use Pattex Wood to glue straw, paper or even carton? Or for crafting with your kids? And for last-minute gifts too? Just take a look in your toolbox. You can use Pattex Wood for anything from heavy repair jobs to smaller crafting applications.

No clamp?

No need to worry! Parts that are bonded with wood glue need some time and pressure. Professionals use clamps, but take a look around. There are lots of items around the house you can use as an alternative. Heavy books. Or a bucket of water. You only need to see to it that the entire surface is pressed evenly.


  • Bottle 75g
  • Bottle 250g
  • Bottle 750g
  • Drum 5kg
  • Drum 10kg
  • Drum 30kg


Protect from frost. Temperatures below +7°C to be avoided.

Step by step

1. Make sure surfaces are clean, dry and free of any grease. As the parts need to be pressed evenly wood glue is used best for flat laminates.

2. Apply glue to one of the surfaces, or to both if you’re using hardwood. Don’t use too much glue; a thin layer will do. Use a spatula to spread the glue evenly on the surface.

3. Avoid prolonged contact to air. The glue must still be wet when pressing surfaces together.

4. Press both surfaces together briefly and thoroughly. Keep pressure applied. Clamps, heavy books or any other heavy items do the trick.

5. Take a 20–minute rest or so, while the parts are pressed together.

6. Leave to dry until the glue is set. There you are: all set to go!